The Gift that Keeps on Giving

There are a couple of common themes here at CanadaFashionLaw:
1.                  We love the business of fashion
2.                  We seriously geek out over intellectual property, especially trade-marks
3.                  We love our job!
We attended an event last night that simply reaffirmed point numero three!
Once in a while an organization comes across our desk that makes us believe in humanity!  Billable targets go out the window and our strong desire to “make a difference” becomes our modus operandi.  Enter FINCA, who we work for on a pro bono basis.    
FINCA is an international micro-financing organization that focuses on providing “financial services to the world’s lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living”.  FINCA provides small loans at reasonable interest rates to individuals in developing countries that need a little help.  The vast majority of the loan recipients are women who are able to create their own business, which benefits their immediate family and the local economy.  It’s really a beautiful thing! 
As with all things, we’re able to tie this back to fashion.  (Fashion really is omnipresent in our world!).  Last night we attended a private event hosted by Burberry.  In support of FINCA, 15% of all profits of Burberry merchandise sales will be donated to FINCA.  In fact, this charitable offer is open to all customers up until Saturday December 8.  So if you’re in a festive and giving mood, perhaps consider buying your holiday presents at Burberry and dropping the name FINCA.  It may well be the gift that keeps on giving!