Canada Gets Its Shop On!

A few weeks ago, CanadaFashionLaw broke the news that shopping event extraordinaire Fashion's Night Out was launching in Canada.  Almost instantly, the Toronto fashion community got very excited!  (Ya, that's right: Toronto Life cited CanadaFashionLaw as the source for the breaking news!  If only there was a "brush your shoulder off" emoticon!).

It looks like it's not only Toronto that's going to get its "shop on' on September 6, 2012.  Fashion's Night Out will be occurring throughout Canada in B.C., Ontario and Quebec.  Happily, it's not just confined to Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, as some may presume.  Smaller cities in Canada are also getting a piece of the after-hours shopping pie, such as Surrey, Chatham and Cookstown. 

If you want to get more information on which stores and malls are participating in Fashion's Night Out, hit up  For the more Toronto-centric crowd, check out

Happy shopping, y'all!

Sound Marks Just a Whisper in Canada

CanadaFashionLaw just wanted to give you a head's up that Canada has its first registered sound mark! 

It's been a long road for Metro Goldwyn Meyer (click here to get the scoop) but they finally have protection of their roaring lion sound.  Since the Canadian Trade-marks Office changed its practice to accept sound as a trade-mark, sound trade-mark applications have been slow to trickle in. 

To date, only a few brand owners are looking to expand the brand protection pie: Mars Canada, Red Robin International, Toys 'R' Us, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Intel Corporation, Cisco Technology and Steam Whistle Brewing.  There are no signs of fashion designers or retailers taking the plunge.  Fashionistas, have any suggestions?