Buns O’ Steel? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Here’s a little legal stocking stuffer…

Want to walk your way to a higher, tighter A$$?  Who doesn’t?!  But be careful what you promise.  Reebok may be getting itself in trouble with its claims that its footwear EASYTONE leads to toned and tightened leg muscles...and a tighter tooshie!

A class action is seeking certification against Reebok in the Quebec Superior Court on the basis of false, misleading and unsubstantiated advertising claims.  A class action suit has already been launched in the US.

What advertising claims are at issue?

  • Walking in the Reebok engineered shoes will tone and tighten more than walking in regular shoes.

What’s the beef?

  • The studies conducted to support the advertising claims did not substantiate the advertising claims;

What’s at stake?

  • Damages equal to the purchase price amount.
  • And let’s not forget a PR nightmare.