Reaching Out Through Toronto Fashion Incubator

CanadaFashionLaw is delighted to be asked to participate in Toronto Fashion Incubator's Meet and Mingle event tonight.  I have a great amount of respect for this organization and how supportive it is of upcoming designers.  So, I decided to help spread the word. 

The Toronto Fashion Incubator is a non-profit organization that launched in 1987.  At that time the fashion industry was booming in Canada and was a significant employer in Toronto, which some believed warranted special consideration.  The City of Toronto supported the creation of a business incubator targeted toward the fashion industry and, thus, the Toronto Fashion Incubator was created. 

Funded largely in part from government grants, the Toronto Fashion Incubator seeks to encourage, educate and support emerging Canadian fashion designs launch their fashion lines.  Here fashion designers learn about the business of fashion: marketing, sales, export, manufacturing, accounting, law and strategic business planning.  The Toronto Fashion Incubator also offers the opportunity for designers to rent workshop space and design studios to assist with starting up the business.

The Toronto Fashion Incubator hosts a wide variety of events, one of which is today's event that I have been asked to participate in: Meet & Mingle.  This event is geared toward enabling fashion designers exchange information in an informal setting.  The Toronto Fashion Incubator provides many substantive events as well as networking opportunities such as Trend Forecasts, and Press and Buyers Breakfast.  Arguably its most notorious event is the TFI New Labels show, which showcases emerging Canadian talent.