Crunching Numbers on Ontario's Fashion Industry

On today, which is Canada Day, let's reflect on the Canadian fashion industry.  Or, more importantly, what does it mean to Canada's purse strings? 

The Ontario government released a report that looks at the economic contributions of the fashion industry to Ontario's economy.  Here's a quick look:

- Toronto's fashion industry employs more than 50,000. 

- Fashion designers generally live where they work: a survey indicates that 73% live in Toronto.

- Toronto is home to 550 apparel manufacturers that bring in $1.4 billion annually.

- Shopping opportunties abound in Toronto.  There are 4,600 retail stores in Toronto, which generate $2.6 billion in revenue.

- Toronto's LG Fashion Week draws crowds.  Almost 35,000 people attended the fashion week that debuted Fall 2011 fashion lines.  Given that the LG Fashion Week occurs twice annually, that's a lot of tourism.

- A survey indicates that Canada's fashion industry will need to hire 7,000 more people over the next 2 years.

Makes you proud to be a Canadian, eh?